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Manhattan School...

Russian and Ukrainian course

Hi there,

Thank you for taking interest in our course.

Get ready for an exciting journey of learning Russian or Ukrainian with us.

Manhattan School is a perfect mixture of languages, beliefs, cultures of people from different walks of life. We welcome and appreciate diversity of traditions, mentalities, nationalities and do our best to make our foreign students feel at home here.

Manhattan School has been teaching Russian and Ukrainian to students from all around the world since 2008. We value our reputation and are always ready to exceed expectations of the most demanding learners.

Why do our students choose us?
• excellent teaching approach
• amazingly friendly atmosphere
• commitment to providing quality language learning experience
• readiness to assist and support our students

Key Benefits of Learning Russian or Ukrainian with us:
• Effective language learning in the shortest possible time
• Individual attention to students’ language problems
• Emphasis on SPEAKING and LISTENING
• Up-to-date challenging programs
• Flexibility in adjusting students' scheduling
• Individualized curriculum design
• Wide range of programs (general speaking course, business course, customized courses for special purposes etc.)
• Free of charge extra activities (video presentations, field trips, sightseeing tours, leisure activities)
• Perfect location in the centre of Kyiv

private tutorials
semi-private tutorials (2 students)
groups of maximum 4 students
10 sublevels (A1 – C1)
1 sublevel (e.g. A1/1) = 60hours
from 2 to 30hours per week
classes from Monday to Saturday

group of 4 students – 1900 uah = $70 (for 10 hours)
group of 3 students – 2150 uah = $80 (for 10 hours)
group of 2 students – 2800 uah = $105 (for 10 hours)
Individual tutorials – 3900 uah = $145 (for 10 hours)

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