1. He’s ….
is a student a student
isn’t a student are a student

2. I … English
am like do like
like likes

3. He … walk to work
doesn’t don’t
isn’t is

4. … your sister… abroad?
is…live do…lives
does…lives does…live

5. They … a new flat a month ago.
bought buyed
buy did buy

6. … you… the answer?
did... knew did ... know
do ... knew did ... known

7. Look at her children! They…
are dancing be dancing
dancing will dancing

8. No, my brother…speak Italian
doesn’t can can not to
can’t don’t can

9. My friend is … than me
older more old
more older oldest

10. There … people in the room!
is a lot of are a lot
are a lot of is many

11. … play the guitar two years ago?
Did he could Could he
Did he can Could he to

12. Ludwig van Beethoven … some fantastic symphonies.
has written writed
wrote had written

13. It’s the best film I … !
am watching saw
have ever seen see

14. Monday is not my working day. Tomorrow is Monday so I … work.
mustn’t shouldn’t
don’t have to can’t

15. I … home when I saw my friend.
was walking walked
had walked have walked

16. We will tell him the news if he…
is coming will come
comes come

17. I ... a new car if I … enough money.
will buy…will have would buy …had
will buy …had buy…will have

18. Who … this book?
did write has wrote
wrote written

19. The trip …
was excited was exciting
exciting excited

20. At this time yesterday I … back from Paris
come came
was coming will come

21. She said she … call back
would will
can did

22. Yesterday I was very rude to her. She doesn’t want to talk to me now. I wish I … so rude!
didn’t be hadn’t been
wasn’t wasn’t be

23. A lot of new houses … at the moment.
are been built are built
are being built built

24. I am sorry I can’t meet you on Tuesday because next week I … to conference in marketing.
would fly am flying
am fly be able to fly

25. By the time his mother came home he … dinner.
cooked had cooked
was cooking have cooked

26. Where have you been? I … for you for three hours!!
am waiting was waiting
have been waiting waited

27. If you … us about it yesterday we … such a mistake!
told…didn’t make would tell…wouldn’t make
had told…wouldn’t have made will tell…won’t make

28. I did not know where …
did she live lived she
was she living she lived

29. She … very well but now doesn’t dance at all.
used to dance used to dancing
used dancing used dance

30. Do you happen to know why … late?
is she always she is always
does she always come she always be

31. He insists … to the cinema
at going to go
going on going

32. I went to the hairdresser’s …
have my hair cut to have my hair cut
so my hair cut to my hair cut

33. I do not like…
have laughed at be laughed at
being laughed at laughing at

34. You … him when he needed your help so badly! (But you did not!)
should have helped should helped
must help should help

35. I am positive smoking … in public places!
must be banned must ban
has to ban must been banned

36. She hopes she … a new house by this time next year.
buys is going to buy
will have bought has bought

37. I am looking forward … from you.
to hear to hearing
hearing hear